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The SMAI Ultimate Yoga Mat has been designed from the finest quality materials. Manufactured from rubber and latex then finished in a poly urethane coating SMAI have created a specialised product that performs to the highest standard.

The latex used ensures a soft surface that will remain firm as latex has no memory with the rubber creating a heavy weight that means the mat won’t move position. The poly urethane coating is the key feature that ensures even with sweaty limbs the mat retains its non-slip properties. The mat is easy to clean by simply wiping down with warm water and any PH neutral detergent and highly durable, meaning it is perfect for commercial use.

Please note: the mat contains natural rubber, meaning the mat should not be used for those with latex allergies. The PVC Yoga Mat is a more suitable option.


  • Material: rubber and latex
  • Poly urethane coating
  • Length: 183cm
  • Width: 61cm
  • Height: 4mm